Launching Kimpton Clocktower’s New Multi-Media Art Exhibition: Tales of Manchester 2.0

Launching Kimpton Clocktower’s new art exhibition curated by Emma Evans - celebrating Manchester through spoken word and visual art on canvas.

Self-taught artist Emma Evans partnered with our client Kimpton Clocktower in the second edition of Tales of Manchester - a truly unique collection of art where six spoken word pieces by Manchester based poets served as inspiration for six pieces of visual art on canvas.

With the concise brief of “Manchester,” Emma enlisted Griot Gabriel (as seen at Glastonbury 2023), Ilaria Passeri, Lisa O’Hare, Mark Jackson aka Keith’s Brother, Matt Concannon aka The Thirsty Poet and Sarah Attwell, and spent months painting while listening to the poems.

While the art was being carefully worked on behind the scenes, Carousel was tasked with launching the installation with a bang, ensuring it was the talk of the town in Manchester on the opening weekend and positioning it as a must see for the weeks it was on show.

To achieve this, the team worked closely with Emma Evans, curating a refined guestlist of media and VIPs, as well as using our media expertise to secure a steady drumbeat of media coverage highlighting the exhibition and, of course, Kimpton Clocktower Hotel.

A total of 85 guests attended the invite-only launch night at The Refuge at Kimpton Clocktower, where the art received a big reveal moment, including the poets seeing their corresponding visual work for the very first time.

The team secured interviews ahead of and on launch night, with coverage appearing across all key media such as BBC Radio Manchester, Manchester’s Finest, I Love Manchester and Visit Manchester.

Following the launch, the exhibition has been included in all the top Manchester media must-see roundups, including week-on-week inclusion by The Manc and Secret Manchester, with lots still to come before the art comes down in June 2024.

If you would like to make a launch with a bang, get in touch to discuss how we can help you here.