The New Young Fogey

An article published on the BBC by Jason Cowley and Tim Wigmore says young people today are more clean-living than any generation since the 60s, coining the phrase The New Young Fogey.
The data regarding the Millennial Generation is striking. In Great Britain:

  • Those aged under 25 are a third more likely to be teetotal now than in 2005
  • A quarter of young people do not drink at all
  • Illegal drug use among the under-25s has also fallen by more than a quarter since 2004
  • The number of nightclubs has almost halved since 2005
  • Teenage pregnancy is at its lowest since records began in England and Wales in 1969
  • The number of crimes committed by under-18s in England and Wales has fallen by 70% since 2005, to a new record low, according to the Office of National Statistics
  • Other insights, include the impact of university tuition fees, pressures of saving for their own homes and growing up as digital natives.
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Credit: BBC News, Jason Crowley & Tim Wogmore