How The Face Of Blogging Was Given A Makeover

Years ago, when the first bloggers finished binge-watching Sex and The City, picked up their Macbooks and began documenting their day-to-day life and thoughts, never did any of us think their fashionable, beautiful, sleek blogs would be replaced by healthy toddler tea recipes, rants on spouses not putting the ketchup back in the fridge and reviews on toys that poo themselves. But, just as the Internet evolved, so did the bloggers and the audience’s needs.

Unlike the elusive distant figure that the ‘IT’ girl blogger was, the parent bloggers are a beacon of ordinariness in an Internet jungle gorged with unattainable standards, after coming home from a rubbish day at work they can offer us a digital hug, piece of advice and a couple of life hacks.

These parents are real, they admit their defeats, and don’t claim they can conquer the world – just their small part of it. Endorsing your parental image immediately means we trust your opinion, and with a plethora of cute kids all posing together, wide smiles, arms entwined, to the backdrops of well-maintained living room – we certainly stand convinced.

An army of modern mums and dads with whom we admire, trust and relate to, we say up the parent bloggers and the pure honesty, no bullsh*t that come along with them.