Can Just Anyone Make Money From YouTube

Can Just Anyone Make Money From YouTube

In our lifetimes we must have stumbled across an unhealthy plethora of useless, brain numbing YouTube videos, content that in no way shape or form is going to add importance or significance to our lives. Whether it’s a London fashion vlogger sharing purchases from Zara in 2015, a Halloween makeup tutorial compilation or The Ultimate Quick Fix to Killer Abs, it’s 2am and we hate ourselves.

These videos are often mind numbing and irrelevant but stack up millions of views and in the YouTube sphere, are successful. This brings us to the question; can just anyone make money from YouTube? With over 300 hours of video footage uploaded every minute on the platform, a gigantic volume of content, surely there’s a genre, theme or interest for everyone out there.

Enter Emzotic. An animal enthusiast, pet YouTuber, a successful vlogger who creates content with her pets (including her giant African Land snails).

With over 220k subscribers, Emzotic showcases her Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches, Crested Geckos, pythons and snails across the channel. And with some videos gaining over one millions views she sure has reached an audience who is fascinated by her pet knowledge and weird and wonderful creatures. In an interview, Emzotic stated the reason for her starting her YouTube channel, “I filmed one of them in January after I had a miscarriage. I was really depressed—I had nothing I really wanted to do to get me out of the house”. A heart-warming story that drove content for a niche audience.

“I just don’t care. This is what I love. If people aren’t on board with that, that’s fine. But what if there’s people out there who would be interested and do want to learn? It’s worth doing it for them.”

With that in mind, Emzotic could be an inspiration to a lot of us. Do you have a strange but endearing hobby/interest that could potentially earn you a following/fanbase? Now super weird boring stuff like extreme ironing or duck herding (potentially could be fun), and could turn your hobby into your career. Emzotic is certainly onto something.