Facebook Announce The Introduction Of Facebook Watch

This week Facebook have announced the introduction of Facebook Watch in the US, a video platform that will be personalised to everyone’s own specific interests.

Launching deals to broadcast live sports, interactive shows and motivational speakers, whilst displaying categories ‘most watched’, ‘most laughed at’ and ‘longer than 10 minutes’, the app will be available on Android, iOS, the web, and television. In theory this platform could post a huge strategic threat to other huge video purveyors such as YouTube, Amazon and Netflix.

Facebook claims this app sets regular video viewing away from its competitors as you discover content through your friends, making the viewing experience “even more special”, bringing people together and building community. Right now there are dozens of shows available but by the time Watch is available globally the number will be hundreds. Unfortunately, the app will not be available on our screens in the UK until next year.

With two billion pairs of eyes glued to the app, the platform is set to be a success. Although, internationally loved video giant YouTube has had a 12-year head start in creating content and attracting viewers. Facebook Watch, watch this space