The Power Of The Emoji

Using emojis has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the accessibility on mobile devices making them an on-trend communication tool for both consumers and brands.

There are around 6 billion emojis shared every day, used in messages, tweets, WhatsApps, even emails. But why have we all gone mad for those little icons which set the tone of our communication?

First off, emojis are incredibly fun, and according to internet marketers they can help to increase social reach across Facebook and Twitter by up to 25%. Not bad for a little yellow face.

Twitter has even incorporated emojis into its targeting, allowing brands to reach users who have used certain icons before. Giving an understanding of emotion – hungry, thirsty, tired – even if they’re thinking about having their nails done! ?

Brands are moving focus from the millennial market and beginning to focus on generation Z, with such influence and appetite for the digital media, emojis are proving to be a successful way of communicating with these potential customers.

From a wink smile to a heart, there is an emoji for every topic, event and feeling, so go ahead break language barriers, get creative!