What Is Ephemeral Content?

For those not in the know, ephemeral content is short-lived content, for example a Snapchat or Instagram story. They only appear for a maximum of 24 hours then they disappear.

Along with individuals, lots of brands have been trying this out to see how it works, monitoring views, engagement and ‘swipe ups’ in real time.

Ephemeral content is getting bigger and more relevant, the most beneficial element to digital marketers is attention, and this short-lived content is grabbing viewer’s attention rapidly. According to Instagram in August 2017, 50% of businesses produced an Instagram Story. They also boast a phenomenal 250 million users per day on the app.

Instagram have rolled out over 20 new features within the story section, including new filters, seasonal stickers and polls.

So what makes engaging and successful ephemeral content?

  • You have about 1 second to grab your follower’s attention, so make it colourful and aesthetically pleasing!
  • Use the stickers and design elements the app offers
  • Use images that are relevant and high quality
  • Cut to the chase – your followers already know who you are, (they’ve probably stalked!) so just get to the point otherwise they will get bored

All in all, ephemeral content is on the rise and brands should be using it to their advantage while it works.