A Day In The Life

Ever wonder what life is like working as a PR? Here is your chance to find out. This week Account Manager Georgia takes you through a typical day in PR.


Disclaimer: First, I must clear something up. Unfortunately, a typical day in the world of PR does not exist, so here is an example.

My day starts with music. Whether I’m driving into Manchester or I’m on the train heading down to London – a playlist is a must. Let’s start the morning with Gorgon City – Imagination (car-rave pre 8am if you will).

Once in the office the kettle calls. I’ll make a cup of Yorkshire tea, grab a newspaper and see what has made the publishing cut. I like to compare the stories I’ve read online before setting off to work to what has made it on to the black and white pages – news moves so fast and it never fails to amaze me how the stories on our front pages at 8.45am can be so out of date. Yet to me, it still seems to have more meaning and kick than what Apple News decides I want to read.

Next up I’ll check in with our social media team and make sure all our client pages are in order, all posts published correctly and all customer service queries taken care of. With social media being a go-to now for customer services we have to make sure we deal with all queries within 24hours. This can be quite a task when you look after some of the UK’s biggest toy brands.

Next up emails. I’m personally a big fan of getting up and chatting to people rather than sending emails. So once I’ve read the morning round-ups, checked to see what coverage has been sent to clients and created my to-do list, I’ll usually have a walk round the office and check in with the team.

Once I’ve mapped out how my day will ideally look I’ll send any urgent emails on things I need to get moving. When liaising with suppliers in the run up to an event or during a big campaign it is really effective to send any communication/ requests as soon as possible. Holding off on sharing assets or copy etc. can be a real waste of time, the sooner you get the info across the sooner things can get moving. Often when planning events things can need a quick turn around so I tend to get this kind of stuff boxed first thing.


Let’s go into the afternoon with Michael Kiwanuka – Love & Hate. Afternoons can bring anything from a client meeting at Tatton Park, or a brainstorm to think up digital ideas for Christmas, to writing a pitch document or pulling together 2018 plans for brands.

I like to use the afternoon to do more ‘head down’ stuff, so if I need to write a press release or a chunk of social media content I’ll block off an hour or so to not check emails and really focus. Something urgent popping up or an urgent client request can often interrupt your planned day, so you have to be prepared to adjust and be strict with your time.

This is a day spent in the office, often we are out and about at events in London, festivals all over the country or meetings anywhere from Milton Keynes to Cheshire! I love to be out and about but equally a full week in the office means you can achieve loads and tick those to-do boxes from time out of the office.

Best piece of advice…

Read, read some more and read again. Buy the Sunday Times and read it back to front. Pick up your client’s main trade magazine and get to know it. Read a blog post a day. Read industry PR pieces. Read leaflets you’re handed in the street.

The ability to love reading will not only give you a knowledge of the different media and different PR opportunities, but it will help you write and give you conversation for client meetings, networking and even agency brainstorms. Ask yourself the question ‘what is my favourite publication’ and if you don’t have answer, then get one and fast.