Launching Senses Whiskey

It’s not every day you get to work on a project like this!

Last week our team flew over to Dublin to help with the launch of Senses Whiskey – a world-first, one-off whiskey launch, allowing each of the five foundations of taste - Bitter, Sour, Salt, Umami and Sweet - to be experienced for the first time through five individually crafted and finished 23-year-old Single Malt Irish whiskeys. Just 200 sets are being made available globally.

Senses is an exciting collaboration between Two Michelin Star chef and the founder of Dublin’s Liath Restaurant, Damien Grey, and Rupert Egan, Head Bonder of Egan’s Irish Whiskey – they’ve been working for the best part of three years to bring Senses to market.

To get people talking, we hosted a small number of local and international media in the 14-seater Liath Restaurant, allowing them to be the first in the world to experience Senses, alongside a bespoke tasting menu created by Damien and his incredible team.

Not only that – we launched with a global exclusive in Forbes.