Spotted: MGA Entertainment In The Hands Of The A-List

Celebrities have incredible sway over trends in the market, and in return have huge influence over consumers buying patterns. Just one post on social media can take a product or brand from the unknown to the next best thing!

Through establishing long-running relationships with celebrity agents, keeping up to date with celebrity news and keeping a watchful eye on all social media channels, the team have been successful in generating top-tier coverage for a number of brands under the MGA Entertainment umbrella.

Recently, LOL Surprise, Num Noms, Moj Moj and Gel-a-Peel have all been spotted taking over a number of A-list celebrity channels including; Fashion icon Victoria Beckham, Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby-Brown and TOWIE star Chloe Lewis.

Victoria Beckham | Millie Bobby-Brown | Chloe Lewis

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