New Client Win: Luxury British Clothing Brand, Hurlingham Polo

This summer the Carousel team has been working hard securing great coverage for our new client, Hurlingham Polo.

We’re pleased to announce that Carousel is managing the press office for luxury British clothing brand, Hurlingham Polo. Championing the best of British style and sporting history the brand is synonymous with elegance, style and authenticity.

As the official brand of polo’s prestigious governing body, The Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) - whose 150-year heritage dates back to the very foundations of the sport of polo - the brand’s integrity challenges the legacy polo brands have adopted in the past, offering an original, authentic connection to the sport.

Born out of the sport’s rich heritage, a strong sense of tradition, and iconic British style, its striking modern designs, attention to detail, quality fabrics and finishes and authentic brand heritage combine to bring a new, vibrant brand to the market.

The lineup of ambassadors for the brand includes Canadian luminary Fred Mannix of the Alegria team, Nina Clarkin, England Women’s Polo captain and the world’s number one female player, and Charlie Hanbury, patron and professional polo player of the Gold Cup-winning team, El Remanso.

The Carousel team has been managing influencer collaborations with some of the finest feeds on Instagram, working with the likes of classical lifestyle influencer Nathan Rollinson, British lifestyle influencer Harvey Armstrong, and English equestrian Lily Chandler.

With its flagship store based on Manchester’s King Street, Carousel quickly set to work securing national hits but also generating some great regional coverage to increase brand awareness in the local area.

With a reach of 2.3m and generating over 20 pieces of coverage to date, Carousel is delighted to be working with another great British fashion brand.

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