Num Noms Launches on PopJam

A social media platform from the SuperAwesome team, PopJam is often referred to as ‘Instagram for kids’. A safe social media network, allowing brands to reach the little influences which actually use their products.

It is everything you would expect from a child-friendly app, colourful, crazy and creative. A platform which welcomes bright, eye-catching content – the perfect place for a brand such as Num Noms.

Recognised by most children (and probably parents), Num Noms is a scented collectible toy which has swept into households across the US and UK. It boasts fun characters, multiple food themes and humorous webisodes. It felt only right then, to translate this to PopJam and offer added value to its young fans with entertaining, interactive content.

We launched the channel for Num Noms, branded the page, and designed posts such as word searches, ‘design your own Num Nom’ and spot the difference, to kick things off.

The page has been an instant hit with PopJam users, hitting 1,000 followers in a matter of days, with over 100 creations shared, whilst also providing insight into what they might like to see from the product going forward.

As a new digital area, offering brands the chance to reach a much younger market in a safe and controlled environment, PopJam has opened the doors for companies such as Num Noms. We’re looking forward to growing the page and continuing to offer its audience a way of communicating with a brand they find so exciting.

If you’re thinking of launching into the PopJam space and want to chat to someone about it, give us a call on 0161 302 0206.