Go Live With Instagram Stories

Instagram introduced two further app developments this week – live videos on Stories and the option to direct-message friends fleeting video. It is clear Instagram has its sights on being our one-stop shop for fun, quick video.

A feature yet to arrive on Snapchat, live video is in line with plans of Instagram’s parent company Facebook, which has worked hard to push video over the past year. Unlike Facebook live Instagram won’t allow you to go back and watch what was previously live, it only shows what is happening right at the moment, in keeping with the platforms aim to give the freshest content.

The other feature, direct-message video, works very much like Snapchat, allowing you to watch twice before it disappears.

It seems Instagram are a keen contender in the battle for our favourite video app. Has Instagram Stories affected your use of Snapchat at all? Let us know over on Twitter.