Digital Marketing Trends Leading Into 2019

Digital Marketing is fast changing, and there’s so many things to keep up to date with, to keep ahead of competition and to increase brand awareness.

Here’s some things that we think will continue to rise in 2019.

Internet will catch up to TV

Statistics state that in 2019, the internet will overtake the television in terms of hours watched. This means, companies will start to spend less on television advertising and focus more on online marketing.

Social Videos will continue to grow

500 million people watch Facebook videos every day! This is expected to grow over the years. Studies expect video to account for 85% of all internet traffic by 2019.

Live video will also continue to grow

As expected, live video is predicted to carry on growing and more companies will utilise the high views and engagement that they receive. 67% of users say they would buy a ticket to an event or concert if they’d seen a live stream or online video.

Chatbots will get bigger and smarter

Chatbots are hugely on the rise, and here to stay whether you like it or not. They are likely to become more user friendly and more companies will use them to control its customer services and increase user engagement.

So there you have it, these are the main things to watch out for and to plan into your digital strategy in 2019.