Running a Tight Ship; How We Helped the Entertainer Lead the Conversation on Shipping Delays

In summer 2021, a combination of external factors were brewing to create a supply chain crisis across the world. We worked with our client The Entertainer to lead the conversation and place the brand as the voice of authority on the matter in the run up to key shopping periods.

As part of Carousel’s appointment with The Entertainer, the team works to support the businesses’ growth strategy through the use of a hard working tactical press office, maximising coverage for the brand through their five core pillars of community, purpose, environment, family and play.

As 2021 was progressing and the UK was coming to terms with Covid-19 becoming a part of daily life, outbreaks and temporary closures were becoming far too common in workplaces, restaurants and other public workspaces. However a little further from home, this was having a disastrous impact across supply chains coming from China, many ports were shut or heavily understaffed as a result of outbreaks, causing huge delays in containers due to be shipped to countries across the world. Alongside this, the cost of the shipping containers also saw a huge increase - with the cost to transport products going from £1,000 to £10,000+.

Companies such as The Entertainer were hugely affected and stock was considerably delayed in hitting the shelves ahead of one of the busiest shopping periods of the year - Christmas. With time ticking closer to a potentially painful Christmas for families across the country and with the core brand pillar of ‘family’ in mind, Carousel devised a plan to ensure that families could prepare and ensure that all children would be able to open their presents on Christmas morning.

The Entertainer led the way with an announcement to break the news of the expected supply chain chaos and became the key person for members of the press to speak to. The Carousel team aided in setting up interviews with key press, with the messaging that new toys would be delayed and parents and gift givers would need to be aware ahead of Christmas so they could start planning.

We secured national broadcast coverage across key media outlets including Good Morning Britain, This Morning and Sky News, as well as key titles such as Mail Online, GB News, BBC, The Sun, Telegraph, Financial Times and The Guardian.

This blanket coverage across the national media drove an incredible reach of 856,696,515 for The Entertainer, proving that a hard-working and strategic press office is able to drive fantastic results.

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