Carousel shares expert advice on social media for Baby Annabell x Motherkind collaboration

To drive brand awareness for Baby Annabell, positioning them as the UK’s number one leading nurturing doll brand, we partnered with top parenting podcast, Motherkind, to share expert tips and advice to parents on how doll play can help little ones develop key skills to support them through developmental milestones.

The PR and Social teams collaborated to create a truly exceptional campaign that leveraged coverage, reach and engagement.

The Brief

We were challenged to enhance last year’s expert campaign and take it to a whole new level, generating compelling and educational social media engagement around key toddler milestones and generating widespread PR coverage.

Our Response

Motherkind is a weekly interview-based podcast featuring some of the world’s best well-being experts and well-known mums, discussing how mums can find their calm, happy place despite the madness of mum life.

We worked with Motherkind to launch four bespoke Baby Annabell podcasts throughout September, as a special brand partnership, differentiating the podcasts from the standard Thursday episodes.

Each podcast focused on a separate milestone moment for little ones, tying in the emotional and developmental benefits of roleplay, supported with a relevant expert. The milestone moments included:

  • Welcoming a younger sibling/new baby
  • Toddler feeding and approach to establishing a 'healthy' eating routine
  • Worries/apprehension with starting/returning to pre-school
  • Bedtime routines with clocks changing in October

We also partnered with leading parenting website, Mother and Baby, to announce the campaign with a bespoke advertorial, driving their audiences to listen to the first podcast.

To really enhance the campaign across social channels we looked to utilise a range of video content, aligned with Instagram’s algorithm changes, which featured a range of snippets from the podcast series along with a reel to summarise the campaign highlights.

PR reach
Social reach
72,261 hours
Total listening time

The Results

In total the campaign reached a combined total of over 764m fans and received nearly 15k engagements across the brand’s social media posts.

The Toddler Milestone Moments podcast series has had 21,700 downloads and a total listening time of 72k.

The PR team worked hard to sell in expert advice as part of the campaign, gaining national coverage in Huffington Post, Yahoo!, The Sun, Scottish Sun, The Sun U.S. as well as trade titles Toy World and Toys n Playthings.

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