Growing Bespoke Sneaker Brand KOKO Art’s TikTok Footprint

How we stepped up the TikTok marketing strategy for custom shoe brand KOKO Art to drive mass awareness.

The Brief

KOKO Art is a specialist fashion brand with six different locations across London and Mallorca. The brand’s in-house team of talented artists hand-paints designs onto customers’ favourite trainer and clothing styles, particularly Converse & Nike Air Force Ones. Fans can choose any design they like for a truly unique piece of wearable art, from abstract graphics, to pet & nature inspired designs, or even pop-culture references from film, music and art.

Back in February, KOKO Art appointed Carouselto give the brand’s social media marketingstrategy a new lease of life, with a particular focus on TikTok and Instagram Reels. We were tasked with driving widespread reach and video views, as well as growing the brand’s following.

Our Response

Working with KOKO Art’s in-house designers and artists, each month we provide the brand with video concepts and stylistic guidance to tap into the latest TikTok trends and most popular video style conventions. This includes using TikTok insights data to closely monitor emerging trends for opportunities, shaping content around business-approved trending audio tracks or rising hashtag trends to maximise visibility for the brand’s content.

The KOKO Art team then use these recommendations to capture video content in and around the brand’s London shops. Content themes explore a variety of styles, including street style fashion videography, meet-the-maker artist vox pop introductions, timelapse footage of the artists at work creating designs, behind the scenes order packing clips, area guides for each store, ‘oddly satisfying’ ASMR style painting clips and so much more.

In order to maximise reach and video views, Carousel pairs video concepts with captivating copy, high search-volume hashtags and appropriate trending commercial audio tracks, and optimises post times to drive strong visibility. This is underpinned by targeted advertising strategy, promoting the most popular videos from the brand channel to a relevant audience of fashion, art and pop-culture fans in order to drive views and awareness.

TikTok video views
TikTok engagements

The Results

Through a combination of targeted advertising and tapping into trending formats, we’ve delivered over 720k video views for the brand and over 8.4k engagements, driving up visibility within their key markets to drive brand recognition and consideration.

@kokoartlondon How satisfying is this?! We could watch this all day! #satisfying #fyp #trainers #paint #OddlySatisfying #ASMR ♬ original sound - Koko Art
@kokoartlondon There's no city on earth quite like London. 🇬🇧 Have you visited yet? #London #Timelapse #StreetLife #SneakerArt #CustomKicks ♬ sunny day, sunny day - dasloe

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