Paddington's Royal Visit Triumphs in Global Social Media Awards

Celebrating Paddington's heritage appeal with a strategic diamond Jubilee social media campaign

The Brief

Our task was to create a compelling social media campaign, centered around Paddington, the beloved Peruvian bear who made London his home and came to embody British national identity. With the backdrop of the Jubilee celebrations, our challenge was to engage a diverse audience spanning multiple generations, from avid readers of the original Michael Bond books to younger fans of the Nickelodeon animated series for families and the two blockbuster films.

Our Response

Our strategy was meticulously crafted to resonate with diverse demographics, segmenting our efforts to appeal to distinct age groups and interests. On Facebook, we targeted heritage enthusiasts aged 45 and above, evoking nostalgia and cherished memories associated with Paddington through engaging posts that invited reconnecting with the classic bear. Meanwhile, on Instagram, we focused on captivating younger movie buffs and families, leveraging creativity and visual storytelling to bring Paddington's adventures to life. Collaborating with a culinary influencer, we created a Paddington-inspired macaron recipe Reel, tapping into the platform's trend of culinary content consumption.

Additionally, we curated bespoke lifestyle photography, transporting Paddington into a regal Jubilee setting adorned with quintessentially British motifs, reinforcing his symbolic connection to British culture and tradition. These captivating visuals not only showcased Paddington's endearing character but also fostered a deeper emotional connection with his narrative.

We collaborated with the fan photography account Abearcalledpadddington, known for their adventures with a Paddington teddy bear across the globe. They shared a photo of their well-traveled Paddington outside the actual Buckingham Palace gates amidst bustling tourist crowds. Additionally, our content production team crafted a series of Paddington-themed Jubilee mobile phone wallpapers exclusively for fans, which were shared through Instagram Stories.

By embracing unconventional collaborations and harnessing the power of storytelling, we drove unprecedented levels of social media engagement and follower growth, solidifying Paddington's global brand heritage.

social media reach
social media engagements
follower growth

The Results

The campaign surpassed expectations, achieving remarkable metrics: a social reach of 69.4 million, 1.59 million social engagements, and a notable 219,000 follower growth. This success solidified Paddington's global brand heritage and reaffirmed his status as a cherished British icon.

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